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Local Firefighters with Nia Griffith MP and Fire Authority Member Cllr Calum Higgins at packed Pontyates meeting. L/R Simon Jones, Chris Jacobs, Nia Griffith MP, Spencer Chilvers, Calum Higgins, Andrew Hearn FBU, Kevin Worth and Albert Jones.


Keep Pontyates Fire Station open

Speaking to a packed public meeting in Pontyates Village Hall on Wednesday night,

Nia Griffith MP said, “It is vital we keep Pontyates Fire Station open.Whether it is a house fire or a road traffic accident, we all know that response times are absolutely critical to save lives, so I am calling on the Fire Authority to reject proposals to close Pontyates Fire Station, as this will lead to slower response times which could cost lives. Pontyates Fire Station not only covers the immediate area, but it is ideally situated on a major crossroads to provide back-up for incidents in four different directions…..  both up and down the Gwendraeth Valley, as well as towards Llanelli and towards Carmarthen. It makes no sense at all to close this station. When looking for cuts, the Fire Authority would do well to start with their top management which is more costly than neighbouring fire authorities, and make protecting frontline services their priority. I would urge local residents to make their views known by emailing or writing to the members of the Fire Authority as soon as possible.”

Decisions about budget cuts will be made by the Mid and West Wales Fire Authority, which consists of councillors who represent the six county council areas covered by the Fire Authority.