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Nia Griffith MP has established a Genwen Residents Action Committee, to co-ordinate action by the many Bynea residents who flocked to a public meeting  to protest about proposed plans to build 240 houses on the Genwen Farm site, between Penderri Road and Nantwen.

 Nia Griffith MP who chaired the public meeting said,

“We have formed an action committee to make our views known to the Planning Committee who will be considering this application sometime in the New Year. The Planning Committee need to look at the knock on effect of this development on existing properties in Bynea. Householders here have already repeatedly suffered the horror of surface water and sewerage flooding.  If they build a huge 240 house estate on the Genwen fields, it will massively  increase surface water run-off from the roofs, roads and driveways which will race down the steep slopes to the properties below.  The sewerage system is already overloaded and this will make matters considerably worse. The developers are presenting figures for traffic flow which have been taken in the school holidays when we all know it is a lot quieter than in term-time. Traffic accident figures are shown only up until 2010. Residents will tell you that there have been many accidents since then, and can show you the walls that have been knocked down. The Planning Committee did not grant permission for this development the last time they looked at it several years ago, it was deferred for an Environmental Impact Assessment and they should throw it out again.”