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Jan Coops and Nia Griffith holding the baton at the start of the day in Llansteffan

Ever worry just what you might have let yourself in for? Well that’s how I felt last week, when, with some trepidation, I went to Llansteffan to spend the day walking with Walk on Wales, organised to raise awareness and funds for Combat Stress and Help for Heroes. I knew that I had not had the time to put in much training for the 18 mile walk, and that I would be with serious walkers who were nearing the end of their 870 mile trek around the whole of the coast of Wales.

I need not have worried as leaders Jan Coops, Rob Davies, Rod Morgan and companions were very welcoming to those of us, including local sponsors Wiltshire Foods, who were just joining for the day. I was privileged to hold the silver baton which is at the very heart of Walk on Wales. It is inscribed with the rank, initials and surnames of the 50 Welsh Guards who have given their lives in active service since 8 May 1945, and it embodies the spirit of these brave men, most of whom were well known to the people who have been carrying the baton around the Welsh coastline.

Each day is dedicated to the memory of one of those Welsh Guards, so our day began with a moving memorial to Guardsman Phillips on Llansteffan Beach before we set off to walk to Ferryside. Remarkably after a bad forecast, the rain held off, and I pleased to say that I did make it, albeit with some aching muscles! I was sorry to leave such inspiring people, and I wish them well for the remainder of the walk which will finish in Cardiff in time for Remembrance Day.

Nia holding the baton with Walk on Wales walkers at the end of the day in Ferryside