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Commenting on today’s Ministerial statement on Prince Philip Hospital, Nia Griffith MP said,

” The Minister has told us that in 2011-2012 some 33,000 patients were seen by the emergency department at Prince Philip Hospital, of whom some 422 were transferred elsewhere.The Minister has confirmed that this situation will not change, namely that the same categories of patients will continue to be treated at Prince Philip Hospital…but I want absolute assurances that they will have access to exactly the same level of care and expertise as at present.

We know that hard-working GPs already help provide services at Prince Philip but I will be asking for a lot more information about these plans. We need to know exactly who people will see, nurses, GPs or specialist doctors.We need to know a lot more about what consultant back up there will be. Who will be available, where and when?

I am calling on the Hywel Dda Health Board to be open and transparent about any plans for staffing changes.

I am disgusted that there is no name for the service they plan to provide because this just encourages scaremongering, when what we actually need is plain talking in clear language.”