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People often ask me if my work as an MP is what I had expected. Now, whilst I had a clear idea about national and international issues that Parliament deals with, and I realised that there would be Assembly and Council responsibilities of immense concern to constituents, little did I realise just how widespread the demand for traffic calming measures would be.  But I certainly support residents’ determination to prevent accidents.

Traffic calming measures do not, however, enjoy ring-fenced funding that statutory duties attract. Indeed they often have to be funded from Welsh Assembly Government grants for priorities such as road safety near schools. Back in 2005 there were some 200 requests for traffic calming and fair play to the County Council, a large number of those areas have seen measures installed.

One more successful measure seems to be the flashing sign which warns motorists they are exceeding the speed limit, successful because they are the equivalent of asking nicely and because the flashing light catches the motorist’s eye in a way that conventional signs simply cannot.

Unfortunately, despite increased calming measures, there are some motorists who, instead of calming their whole approach, seem to want to “make up for lost time” immediately after, or indeed in between calming measures. This leads to situations as in Pwll where, in spite of various measures, there are still some thoughtless motorists who give residents real cause for concern. And where road safety is concerned, we must not become complacent, and must continue to seek successful solutions.