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As Vice Chair of the All-Party Group on Weapons and the Protection of civilians, Nia is seeking urgent action to ban lethal ‘Killer Robots’ that would be able to select and attack targets without any human intervention.

The All- Party group recently hosted the parliamentary launch of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, which is calling for a comprehensive ban on the development, production and use of fully autonomous weapons, also called ‘Killer Robots’.

Speaking at the launch, Steve Goose, Arms Division director at Human Rights Watch, said, “Lethal armed robots that could target and kill without any human intervention should never be built. A human should always be “in the loop” when decisions are made on the battlefield. Killer robots would cross moral and legal boundaries.”

Nia explained,

“It was very significant that such an influential figure as Admiral Lord West joined us at the launch and condemned fully autonomous weapons as “abhorrent and extremely dangerous.” We need an urgent ban now, before further technological development and investment make a race towards killer robots impossible to stop. We are calling for a pre-emptive and comprehensive ban, achieved through international treaty. We are expecting recommendations for government action in a UN report on 27th May. ”