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Speaking at a rally at Llanelli Fire Station to mark the last shift under the old arrangements before the implementation of the new shift patterns, Nia Griffith MP said

“Today was a very sad day for Llanelli because failure to reach agreement on new shift patterns has resulted in a mass relocation of experienced staff away from Llanelli Fire Station.

I have repeatedly called for the Chair of the Fire Authority to listen to both sides and heed the advice of the expert arbitration panel in London. I am very disappointed that in spite of calls by Labour Fire Authority members Calum Higgins and Jan Williams, to hold a special meeting before today, that meeting is not now scheduled until next week.

I am calling on the Fire Authority to hold that special meeting in Llanelli, in a place where the public can observe it. I urge Fire Authority members to attend that meeting and to vote for a re-think – they need to realise that with our population and industry, we do not want to see any reduction in the staffing and expertise at our fire station.”