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“I am calling on each and every member of the Fire Authority who are all elected councillors to listen to the people of Llanelli, and reject any downgrading of the service here.  I appreciate that these councillors come from across mid and west Wales, and have many responsibilities. However I would urge them to recognise the size and importance of Llanelli; I am shocked that only six of them have met frontline workers about the proposed changes in Llanelli, and I am asking them all to take up the open invitation to meet the staff at Llanelli Fire Station and listen to what firefighters are telling us about the proposed changes which is terrifying – and could result in massive loss of expertise and reduced cover at Llanelli Fire Station. I would urge them to heed the advice from the conciliation panel, and give genuine consideration to compromise proposals put forward by the workforce and their trade union representatives.”

Members of the Fire Authority – details can be found at


Please note that Cllr Keri Thomas from Llanelli is no longer on the Fire Authority.