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Speaking at Pontyberem First Responders presentation evening, Nia said

 “When I was here last year, we were talking about the impressive number of call-outs that Pontyberem First Responders had attended. This year we’re talking about the number of new volunteers they have recruited and trained up to join the team, and it is a real pleasure for me to meet and congratulate some of the new members and present them with their certificates and uniforms. These new recruits are vital for the long-term sustainability of the team, and will mean that they will be able to reach even more people quickly in an emergency. I’d also like to pay tribute to the generosity of grateful individuals, local residents and the Community Council which has enabled the team to buy additional defibrillators. I offer my sincere thanks to everyone who has helped the team, but in particular, to the team members themselves who give so freely of their time to train and respond and save lives.”