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Nia Griffith MP has written to BT bosses, demanding to know what is happening about the roll-out of broadband in the Llanelli area. Explaining her actions, the MP said

“Trying to get precise information out of BT is like trying to get blood out of a stone. With some £200m of public money helping to fund the roll-out of superfast broadband in Wales, we have a right to know what is happening. Residents and local businesses alike want to be able to plan ahead – this is particularly important for anyone hoping to set up business in the area, and for attracting in new companies and job opportunities.  I have already had complaints from local businesses that the current lack of superfast broadband is hampering their productivity, and I want as much detail as possible about the rollout of superfast broadband to be out in the public domain. The BT website lists the Llanelli exchange as scheduled for upgrade at the end of June, at the same time as Swansea and Port Talbot, but that’s only the beginning of the process. Getting someone on the phone telling you that they do not have a plan of how the roll out will proceed to individual industrial estates and streets is simply not good enough, and will hamper economic development in the area. I am asking BT to spell out the detail about plans for the roll-out of superfast broadband, so that people can plan ahead.”