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Nia and Keith see the installation of the new assembly line with manager Paul Kent and construction manager Alan Jones.

Nia Griffith MP and Keith Davies AM have visited Llanelli’s Gestamp Tallent car-manufacturing plant, to see for themselves how Welsh Government money is being used to help finance a new Assembly line, which will be one of the biggest in the world. Their visit comes at a time when there is concern about jobs at the plant, as work on one project comes to an end, but new work is expected in the spring. In their discussions with plant manager Paul Kent and human resources manager Mark Pearson, Nia and Keith stressed the need to try and increase the proportion of employees employed directly by the firm, as currently some 164 workers out of 330 are employed through the agency Prime Time. They also reiterated to managers the importance of the involvement of trade union representatives, with whom Nia and Keith are in regular contact.