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Nia whale watching with Nic Dakin MP and Ian Cawsey, Director of the World Society for the Protection of Animals

Nia has taken advantage of the Parliamentary recess to spend a couple of days whale-watching in the Bay of Biscay, on a visit organised jointly by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and ORCA, one of Europe’s leading whale and dolphin conservation charities. As well as seeing the tails of two pilot whales and a blue fin whale, the highlight of the expedition was an excellent sighting of dolphins right up close to the boat. All the information gathered is used by ORCA to further their conservation work. WSPA recently brokered talks between ORCA and major shipping lines like Maersk to discuss how to prevent whales colliding with liners.
Commenting on the experience, Nia said “It was very interesting – I learned a lot both about Whales and dolphins, and about the excellent work ORCA and WSPA are doing.”