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Nia with Paul Harries, Richard Roper and Ken Jones at the Llanelli Railway Goods Shed stand at the Llanelli Festival

Nia Griffith MP and other members of the Llanelli Railway Goods Shed Trust are looking forward to discussing on Friday the first draft of a feasibility study for the historic Railway Goods Shed, situated on Marsh St, Llanelli.
Nia explained
“This feasibility study is only the first step. It will give us an idea of what the viable future uses for the shed would be, and a rough idea of the scale of funding that will be needed to renovate the building.  We had a community consultation event with local residents in July, and one possibility would be some sort of arts centre. The challenge now will be to develop the plans more clearly, and to find funding to match the money that we are likely to get from the Railway Heritage Trust. I know that many people have been wanting to see something done about this building for years, and I am determined that we should see this project through.”