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Nia admiring the radish crop with Phil and Dan Snaith

 Nia recently attended the official opening of the Llannon allotments, organised by local resident Gareth Snaith and fellow committee members.
“It was very heartening to hear from Gareth that this project has really taken off, that it has brought together people of all ages who want to grow their own vegetables, and that it has given participants a genuine sense of community and common purpose. In spite of the fact that the allotment tenants could only start digging in March, they have done a fantastic amount of work since then, and will be producing a good harvest of crops, even in this, the first year. As well the sheer joy of home-grown produce and the benefits of physical exercise and fresh air, this project reduces food miles and our carbon footprint, and brings together young and old. Its location, by the side of the school, means that committee there are already plans ahead for a nature reserve, and exciting outdoor learning opportunities for pupils.”