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Last week I sent in my response to a consultation on train services, to be more precise the consultation on the Great Western franchise, namely the trains that we have to use if we want to travel beyond Cardiff and Newport to Bristol and London. I am sure that many of you who use the trains like me will have bemoaned not just the high prices but the miserable waits on Swansea station, the infrequency of services and the overcrowding. With only a couple of through trains a day, you have to change somewhere, so my typical journey, for example, back from London to Llanelli takes four hours, two hours from London to Cardiff ( 150 miles) and two hours from Cardiff to Llanelli ( 60 miles) – largely because of the 25- 30 minute wait at Swansea.) An improved service is vital for the economic development of our area, and, if we are to encourage more people to use the train, thus keeping down road congestion and reducing our impact on the environment, then we need electrification not just to Cardiff but to Swansea and West Wales, more through trains, or, failing that, better connections and trains which stop at all our local stations including Kidwelly.