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Well you know that you are getting old when you watch a rugby international and you can remember seeing the players when they were toddlers – as indeed I remember Ken and Vicky Owens when they were round at their grandparents’ house – former councillors Ken and Lorraine Maynard.  Now you will all instantly recognise the name Ken Owens as a member of Wales’ great international team who produced that amazing win at Twickenham last week, but, unless you read the Carmarthen Journal last week, you may not know that his sister Vicky also played  in the Women’s Wales v England match later that same evening.

And that is just one example of how, although we have made huge progress in terms of attitudes and opportunities, in sport alone women have got a long way to do go in terms of finance and kudos, as anyone who has tried to get sponsorship for women’s teams will tell you, as indeed my former colleague from Gowerton School Anne Ellis OBE, Wales and GB hockey captain, frequently has. So whilst some people may question whether there is any need for international women’s day on 8th March, I would say it is a timely reminder that there is still a lot of room for improvement.