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Nia is backing ‘The Big Switch’ campaign for consumers to get a cheaper deal on their energy bills.

The Big Switch, launched by consumer champion Which? and 38 Degrees, is a new way for people to buy their energy. This will be the first time in theUKthat a very large number of people will join together as a group to negotiate a deal with energy companies.

Nia is urging constituents to join the more than 200,000-strong group who have already signed up to The Big Switch, and to use their collective power to try to cut their energy bills and help shake up the market.

Which? has invited all energy companies to take part and will be negotiating with them to secure the cheapest deal. Energy companies will be asked to submit a market leading deal and take part in a reverse auction. If a deal is secured, Which? will contact everyone who signed up with a personalised savings estimate. Which? will handle the switching process, making it as quick and easy as possible.

Nia said:

“Soaring energy bills are contributing to the cost of living crisis afflicting millions of families. Labour believes that community action, including collective purchasing, is essential to reforming our energy market, and I am pleased to support the Big Switch campaign.”

Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint said:

” When people come together, they will have more power to negotiate cheaper energy bills with the big energy companies. Our energy market needs reform – and people power is the first step.”