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Nia Griffith MP recently visited the Crochan project which recycles furniture. It is based in Trostre Industrial Park and run by Foothold Regeneration. Geoff Greenfield who is the team leader at Crochan took her on a tour of the unit. The project collects unwanted items donated from residents in Llanelli and then sells them at a low cost helping to provide much needed affordable goods for the home. They also overhaul unwanted children’s bikes to make sure they are safe before selling them at modest prices.

Nia said, “I have long been a champion of recycling. I believe that adopting a more sustainable approach to the way we deal with waste can have a positive impact on our communities. The Crochan project is an excellent example of how treating unwanted items as resources not rubbish can have valuable social and economic as well as environmental benefits. I want to commend Geoff and all his staff and volunteers for their hard work and commitment.”