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This month sees the implementation of the long awaited Agency Workers Directive, which will give agency workers the right to equal treatment with permanent employees after 12 weeks.

There are many agency workers here in Llanelli and millions across the UK, and for too long they have had worse working terms and conditions than permanent employees undertaking the same roles. The use of agency workers is widespread; it is a myth that it is confined to migrant workers, or certain industries. The Agency Workers Directive which came into force on 1st October is a vital step forward in ensuring the UK economy is one that has fair rewards for everyone who works hard and contributes to our society.

The previous Labour Government passed legislation to give agency workers equal treatment after the CBI and TUC reached an agreement on how to implement it fairly for employers and employees. But sadly there have already been reports that the Prime Minster has been looking at ways to weaken it. David Cameron should stand up for fairness and implement the Directive in full, rather than try to figure out how to get round it, through loopholes and weak guidance which could allow employers to avoid equal treatment. We want fair play for all.