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Derek Campbell of Sims shows Nia Griffith MP and Ken Mackenzie of the British Metal Recycling Association around the Newport plant.

Nia Griffith MP, in her role as Shadow Business Minister has been on a fact-finding trip to metals and electronics recycler Sims Metal Management in Newport.

Nia, who is also secretary of the all-party parliamentary steel and metal group, visited Sims Metal Management in Newport, to learn more about the metals and electronics recycling industry. The visit was hosted by Ken Mackenzie of the British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA), of which Sims is a member.

Derek Campbell of Sims Metal Management said: “It was a pleasure to welcome Ms Griffith to the site here in Newport to explain about the metals recycling industry and to show how metals are recycled, including Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and fridges. Metals recycling in the UK plays a vital role in helping the country to reduce its reliance on landfill, recycle more and reduce CO2 emissions.”

Nia said: “Metals recycling is very important to South Wales and the UK economy and I found it extremely valuable to get an insight into the business. Metals and electronics recycling in the UK is a globally competitive and environmentally important industry and one we should be proud of. Companies like Sims are contributing to our key environmental objectives of reducing waste and cutting carbon emissions by preventing waste metal and other valuable commodities being disposed of in landfill sites and transforming it into a useful resource.”

Ken Mackenzie of the British Metals Recycling Association, said: “Nia’s visit was a very productive visit which allowed us to discuss some of the key issues facing UK metals recyclers today. “