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Nia and Trilwm residents with the corroded steel which is threatening their homes.

Nia Griffith MP is fighting for council help to repair and insulate steel-framed houses which former council tenants purchased under the right to buy scheme. There are fears that corrosion of the steel is making the houses unsafe, and mortgage companies are refusing to lend on them. Repair work is now set to begin in Trilwm, Trimsaran in August, and residents in Parcymynach, Pontyberem can expect to see council surveyors in the Spring.

Nia Griffith said:

“It is vital that the Council sorts out steel-framed houses across the County and brings peace of mind to the owner occupiers who have put their life savings into these homes and are terrified that they will not be able to sell, if they need to move away or downsize. Following on from Trilwm, I recently organised a meeting for residents of Parcymynach, Pontyberem.

“At that meeting Robin Staines, Head of Housing, promised Parcymynach residents that their homes would be looked at next Spring, and he also gave an undertaking to write to all 260 owners of former council properties, outlining the timetable for examining their homes and proposing solutions, in tandem with the improvement programme for the neighbouring council- owned property. I shall be keeping a close eye on developments. I am determined to see this work completed.”