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Nia addressing former Visteon workers at the rally outside Parliament.

Nia Griffith MP is one of the MPs fighting for justice for former Visteon workers who addressed a recent rally of the workers when they took their pension fight to the House of Commons. The rally was planned to coincide with talks the MPs were holding with top bosses from Fords, to quiz the bosses on behalf of the pensioners who are losing out on thousands of pounds of their pensions. Following the meeting, the MPs persuaded Fords boss Jo Greenall, Chairman of Ford UK, to come out of the committee room and meet the workers in person.

Explaining the situation, Nia Griffith MP said:

“It is absolutely scandalous that workers including some from my constituency who have spent nearly all their working lives in Fords, on Fabian Way in Swansea, contributing to their pensions, and then worked under Visteon for a couple of years, should find themselves diddled out of thousands of pounds worth of their pensions. If this is not sorted out, they will miss out for the rest of their lives, and their families with them. That’s why we are determined to do all we can to get justice.”