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Nia is backing the campaign by Rachel Jones, girlfriend of Stuart Cable, the former drummer of the Stereophonics to have much starker danger warnings on alcoholic drinks

At Prime Minister’s questions, Nia asked David Cameron: “Given the difference in the tone of  ‘drink responsibly’ and ‘smoking kills’, what action will the Prime Minister take in response to the heartfelt pleas from my constituent Rachel Jones, who wants to see much harder hitting labels on alcoholic drinks, following the tragic death of her boyfriend Stuart Cable, the former Stereophonics drummer?” In response, David Cameron said the Government was looking at introducing a minimum price for alcohol, but forgot or avoided the question of labelling.

Nia has arranged a meeting for Rachel with Health Ministers later this month to discuss the problem in more detail. Nia explained that “Rachel is absolutely right when she says that no-one gets alarmed when a friend passes out after drinking half a bottle of spirits, whereas they would if it was something like bleach, and many people forget just how lethal alcohol can be, both in the short-term and the long-term. We need warnings more like those on cigarettes, not just numbers of units which don’t really hit home”.