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Yes, I know, there are people who always read their daily papers from the back page. I am not one of those, but I enjoy knowing what is going on in the sporting world.

Last week I read an article describing a star player of QPR, the team that keeps Cardiff and Swansea off the Championship top spot. It said he was once seen as “all tricks and deft kicks but (with) very little game intelligence or positional awareness. He seemed destined for a career of peripheral self-indulgence.” I thought of the current mayor of London, but I suppose that’s just me.

Then my mind went to a player with supreme sporting intelligence, who can read and direct a game and who is completely dependable. Yes, you’ve got it. I thought of Stephen Jones of the Scarlets and Wales.

As he nears his 100 caps for Wales, he is, without a doubt a role model for our youngsters. He gives his all for club and country. He plays wherever the coach decides is best for the particular game. The cheers from the crowd when he comes off the bench are testimony to the admiration and affection with which he is regarded by supporters of all teams in Wales.

Sadly all too often newspaper headlines highlight the scandalous, the plain evil and those who let the side down. What we need is far more celebration of the many people in all walks of life, young and older, who are a credit to their families, workplaces or teams.