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Nia fighting to reduce sewage spills into the Burry Inlet

Nia Griffith has vowed to continue pressing for urgent investment in the town’s sewerage system. Her call comes following the response from Jane Davidson AM, the Assembly’s Environment Minister to the Assembly petitions committee which is following up the Llanelli Star’s Sort Our Sewers petition. In her letter to the Assembly’s petitions committee, Ms Davidson declares that, “significant progress has been made in addressing this important issue.” A team of engineers are drawing up detailed models of the Llanelli and Gowerton sewer networks, which Ms Davidson describes as “the most comprehensive study ever undertaken in this area.” More than 350 flow monitors have been installed, and 570 manholes and 130 pumping stations and combined sewer overflows surveyed. The results are expected to help identify areas where surface water can be removed from the sewer network, as well as areas where improvement works are needed.

Ms Davidson said: “Surface water reduction will, among other things, reduce spills from combined sewer overflows to the Loughor Estuary and reduce the likelihood of flooding during extreme storms.” The modelling exercise is due for completion early next year. To date, she said, more than 60 individual engineering schemes have been identified where a reduction in surface water entering the combined sewerage system can be achieved.

Ms Griffith said: “I look forward to seeing the completed modelling early in 2011, but the challenge then will be to take the necessary action and make the necessary investment to make a significant difference. As the minister says in her letter, the aim must be not simply to prevent any further overloading of the sewerage system by new development, but also to make real reductions in the current volumes in the sewerage system to reduce the number of sewage spills into the Burry Inlet.

“There is still an enormous amount to do to prevent people’s homes flooding and reduce sewage spills, and I will be pressing for continued work and investment.”