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Nia Griffith MP calls on Assembly’s transport Minister Ieuan Wyn Jones to speed up the transfer of grit from the Assembly’s Trunk Road Agency to replenish stocks that Carmarthenshire County Council has used to keep main roads clear.

Concerned that residents are not getting the grit they need, Nia said, “I understand that Council stocks of grit are running low and I know that recent requests by residents for the Council to re-fill grit bins have been turned down for this reason, leaving residents without badly needed supplies which they could use to facilitate access to their properties. So it is vital that the Council receives any grit coming to it from the Assembly as matter of utmost urgency. I am calling on the Minister to speed things up and make sure that Carmarthenshire receives the grit we need as soon as possible.”

“I am glad to say that following urgent representations from my fellow Labour representative, Councillor Steve Lloyd Janes, the Council have now hand-gritted Clos Glyndwr in Hendy, enabling carers to resume visits to a disabled resident.”