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Nia has taken the following actions to help solve the pollution of the Burry Inlet and flooding in the Llanelli area:

Nia raising awareness of flooding problems in Kidwelly

  • Set up the Llanelli Flooding Forum
  • Secured Welsh Water investment including new pumping equiptment at Cambrian Place to protect homes in South Llanelli from flooding threat.
  • Worked with the Environment Agency to tackle river flooding in Pwll, Dafen and Llangennech.
  • Kept pressure up on the Welsh Assembly to make Welsh Water adopt private sewers.
  • Lobbie EU, national and local officials to sort out our sewerage and flooding problems.
  • Worked on Flood and Water Managment Bill to ensure coincil and agencies collaborate to assess flooding risk when planning new developments.
  • Worked on the Marine Bill to help protect the future of the Burry Inlet and its unique shellfish industry.