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Nia with Leighton Rees

New year is a time when we look forward and we look back, and this indeed was what we did at one of the more enjoyable and light-hearted moments I had before Christmas. I was privileged to attend and address the special assembly for Mr Leighton Rees who was retiring as Head of Bigyn Primary School.

The Staff and pupils of the school had put in a tremendous amount of effort to make it a very special occasion with a projector photo story of some of the many memorable events and projects that Mr Rees had led the school into in the past few years, and the performance of a song composed especially for the occasion.

Retirement is not just a time for looking back, but, now more than ever before for it is a time for looking forward as well. One thing Mr Rees shares with many other people coming up to retirement age is that he clearly still has lots of energy and lots more to contribute to society.

Indeed society has a huge amount to thank our retired citizens for – whether it is helping out with the grandchildren or the innumerable charitable, cultural and sporting activities that depend very largely on the efforts made by those who have supposedly retired, but find themselves busier than ever.

So just as we look back and forward at the beginning of the year, retirement is no longer an end but can now be an exciting new beginning too.

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