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We have all noticed the red poppy that is being worn by our television presenters at this time of year.

They will be matched by the poppies worn by the men and women in Llanelli and the surrounding communities. Today, when we wear our poppies we think not just of the fallen in the world wars but also of those who have been killed and injured in more recent conflicts. In Llanelli we lost young men in the Falklands War and, more recently, brave young soldiers have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Last year, I wrote about the Poppy Calls service that provides a free dedicated handy person service to those unable to carry out small repairs and minor alterations in their homes.
This year, look out for the ‘March For Honour.’ On the 4 November four teams of serving and ex-serving individuals from each of the Armed Forces will start from four separate locations. They will march into London together on 11 November. Their target is to raise £1 million.
More, perhaps, than most charities The Royal British Legion strives to maintain its dignity, pride and seriousness of purpose while at the same time finding new and imaginative ways of raising money. This year you can order a lapel poppy online, buy poppy merchandise from the Poppy Shop or use one of the services offered by Poppy Direct. You can even plant a virtual poppy
If you go on to its website you can access the YouTube homepage of The Royal British Legion.
In Wales the official opening of the Remembrance Field will take place in Cardiff Castle on Thursday 4 November at 11.00am. It will be open to visitors daily from then until 4.00pm on Wednesday 17 November.
It is important that our children and young people learn about the war and about the horrors that led to war. Supporting the work of the British Legion is one practical way in which we can show our gratitude and appreciation to the generations that helped to protect the freedoms we enjoy today.