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Last week I had the privilege of visiting Heol Goffa Special School, which caters for pupils aged 3 – 19, some with mild difficulties and others with much more severe difficulties. The warmth and enthusiasm of the pupils and staff strike you as soon as you arrive. We had a marvellous afternoon with pupils helping me to design my MP’s Christmas card. Staff, helpers and parents are continually developing new ideas, enhancing facilities and trying to increase the range of opportunities available to young people here.
Whether pupils with special needs are in a special school or in mainstream schools, we must make sure that they have the space, the equipment and the staff ratios to allow them to develop their skills and have as rich an experience of life as possible. As every family knows, having children is demanding and also very expensive, but particularly so for families with children who have special needs. Everything from additional mobility costs to the limitations that round-the clock caring duties place on parents in terms of seeking employment outside the home, makes life financially challenging. Many will need support into adulthood, and, as parents themselves get older, they worry about what will happen to their children after they pass away. We must make sure, particularly in this time of cutbacks, that we maintain and, indeed, improve the support provided – whether that is payments from central government or services such as respite care from local councils. I shall do my utmost to oppose any cuts which affect the quality of life of those struggling to cope with disabilities.