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Keith Davies, Labour’s Assembly Candidate and Nia Griffith MP have started a petition tell the Local Health Board that we want to keep ALL the existing services at Prince Philip Hospital.

As Nia Griffith MP explained, “Now is the time while the Local Health Board is drawing up its five-year strategy, to tell them that we want to keep all the existing services that are offered at Prince Philip Hospital, and that we are not going to stand for any salami slicing of services. At a recent meeting I made this very clear to senior managers at the local health board.”

Keith Davies, Labour’s candidate for the Assembly elections next year, said “We have got to make the Board listen to the people of Llanelli. We have the largest concentration of population in Carmarthenshire, and deserve the full range of services at Prince Philip Hospital. Now is the time to tell the Board, before decisions are made and it is too late.”

If you want to add your name to the petition, or want copies to distribute, please contact Keith Davies on 07875416595 or Nia Griffith MP on 01554 756374.

You can also sign the petition online here.