The Llanelli Constituency ?>

The Llanelli Constituency

The Llanelli constituency is located in south west Wales. The constituency extends from Hendy in the east down to the coast and then along the coast to Kidwelly in the west. It reaches up the Gwendraeth valley to Tumble and across to Tycroes. There are approximately 60,000 people living in the constituency. Carmarthenshire County Council is the local authority for the Llanelli constituency.

Nia’s vision for Llanelli

“Politics for me is about getting involved in practical, positive ways to improve life in our communities.”

“I intend to seek to influence policy at national and international level. Politics is all about working together, listening to each other, taking into consideration our different viewpoints and finding workable ways to enhance the quality of life for all in our communities. Whilst it would be impossible to mention my views on every issue, my guiding principles are to:

a) Ensure that Labour’s economic success reaches our poorest communities, safeguarding and creating sustainable, quality jobs.

b) Extend opportunity and prosperity for all through better school facilities, more vocational courses, apprenticeships, workplace training and affordable childcare.

c) Maintain investment in the NHS, strengthening Prince Philip Hospital and improving primary care and community services.

d) Ensure dignity and security in old age, through proper pension provision and high quality social care.

e) Improve the quality of our environment with sensitive development of Llanelli town centre and the Gwendraeth Valley.

f) Support the fight against crime, clamping down on drug dealing and antisocial behaviour, and building on the 30% reduction in crime since Labour took office in 1997.

g) Contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gases through more energy efficient homes, more microgeneration such as solar panels, better recycling facilities and environmentally friendly transport initiatives.”

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