Full Steam Ahead ?>

Full Steam Ahead

Many thanks to Dan Snaith and his Keep Wales Tidy volunteers and helpers from Lletty House who recently joined in with the Friends  of Llanelli Train Station to clean up the corner plot on the west side of the station gates.  It was great to do something practical to help; when I started the Friends of Llanelli Train Station group I knew it would take time to get everything in place to make a real difference but at last we are…

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Visiting British forces in Cyprus ?>

Visiting British forces in Cyprus

I have just had the privilege of visiting British forces based in Cyprus. I would like to thank everyone who facilitated my action-packed visit which was very informative. It was humbling and inspiring to see the dedicated teamwork going on day and night at Akrotiri to service and refuel jets for their relentless sorties to the Middle East, currently for example providing very necessary reconnaissance and strike support for the Iraqi army as they seek to liberate Mosul from Daesh,…

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Visiting Llanelli crematorium ?>

Visiting Llanelli crematorium

I recently had the opportunity to visit Llanelli crematorium to see the improvements that have been made in recent months and to discuss a number of key issues. I was particularly interested in visiting Llanelli Crematorium after my colleague Carolyn Harris MP had highlighted the plight of families who had lost a child then struggling with funeral costs, and I am supporting her in her campaign for the Government to provide financial assistance for councils to cover children’s funeral costs. I was…

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MP slams DWP Minister’s rejection of cheaper offices ?>

MP slams DWP Minister’s rejection of cheaper offices

I have just received a shocking response from Damian Hinds MP, the UK Government’s employment minister on the proposed closure of the DWP offices. It is sheer breathtaking hypocrisy for the Minister to claim in the last sentence of his letter that the closure is still under consultation when he has already let the cat out of the bag two paragraphs earlier where he makes it clear that he wants to get rid of the jobs in Llanelli. In his rejection…

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Nia welcomes report on homes for veterans ?>

Nia welcomes report on homes for veterans

Nia Griffith MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, has welcomed a report by homelessness charity Alabare into the housing needs of the veterans’ community. Speaking after the launch event in Parliament, Nia said: “We all rightly feel a sense of horror that anyone who has served our country with distinction should be left homeless after they have left the Forces. Of course the fast majority of our veterans do not experience homelessness, but charities like Alabare do an excellent job in…

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Visiting BAE systems in Samlesbury ?>

Visiting BAE systems in Samlesbury

  I have recently had the privilege of visiting BAE systems in Samlesbury. As well as having a very informative presentation on the latest developments and issues from the management team and seeing the work on the F 35 fighter jet, I also visited the brand new state of the art apprenticeship centre. I then had a very constructive meeting with trade union representatives about the importance of the UK developing a proper defence industrial strategy to ensure that we…

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Coleg Sir Gar wins Beacon Award ?>

Coleg Sir Gar wins Beacon Award

  I was delighted to meet Barry Lilies, Principal of Coleg Sir Gar and members of his staff, who came to London recently for the presentation of the prestigious Beacon award that they have won for their very successful staff development programme “Pathways to excellence”. Following the presentation of the award by the Association of Colleges, they enjoyed a tour of parliament. I would like to congratulate all those involved in winning this award. Staff development is extremely important because…

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TATA ballot result ?>

TATA ballot result

Commenting on the outcome of the TATA ballot, Nia Griffith MP said, “The workers were faced with a very difficult decision, either sacrificing part of their hard-earned pensions or seeing TATA pull out. A majority have decided to accept the proposals. It is now up to TATA to keep its promises and invest in state of the art plant, in order to gain the most competitive edge and secure the future of the steel industry here in Llanelli and across…

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Labour committed to spend at least 2% GDP on defence ?>

Labour committed to spend at least 2% GDP on defence

Nia Griffith MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, responding to the International Institute for Strategic Studies’ Military Balance report, said: “This report exposes the government’s complete and shocking failure to maintain its commitment on defence spending to our Armed Forces and to the country. Just weeks after the Prime Minister was lecturing our allies about increasing spending to meet the 2% NATO commitment, it is now clear that her Government is unwilling to commit the necessary resources to our nation’s defences….

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