Labour’s 100 promises for Wales ?>

Labour’s 100 promises for Wales

  1. Secure the recovery by supporting the economy and more than halve the deficit through renewed economic growth, fair taxes and cuts to low priority programmes.
  2. Realise our stakes in publicly controlled banks to secure best value for money and reform the rules for banking to ensure no repeat of past irresponsibility, including through a global insurance levy.
  3. Create UK Finance for Growth to provide capital for growing businesses and invest in the growing sectors of the future.
  4. Build the economic infrastructure of the future through a Green Investment Bank, and universal access to broadband.
  5. Encourage a culture of long-term commitment to sustainable company growth, making corporate takeovers harder through the requirement for a super-majority of two-thirds of shareholders.
  6. We will continue to provide capital support for businesses in rural, semi-rural and urban areas.
  7. We will support co-operatives and reform tax relief for employee share ownership.
  8. Swansea University is benefiting from £30m investment, which should create up to 650 jobs for the knowledge economy.
  9. Airbus is benefiting from £340m in UK Government loans for its factories in Filton and Broughton, North Wales.
  10. A High Performance Computing Institute will be created with £44 million investment including £10 million from UK Strategic Investment Fund.
  11. The Defence Technical College at St Athan will bring thousands of jobs to South Wales.
  12. We will electrify the Great Western main line between London and Swansea.
  13. Further improvements to rail services.
  14. Invest £1 billion in superfast broadband technology to boost our global competitiveness in business and communications.
  15. Roll out superfast broadband technology to 90% of the country, building on our universal service commitment to 2 megabit broadband by 2012.
  16. Make Wales a leading provider of green energy, produced not only by wind, but also from biomass, marine and microgeneration.
  17. Ensure that Welsh businesses continue to maximise opportunities from the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics.
  18. Work towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  19. Assist over 100,000 households in Wales with heating and insulation measures.
  20. Invest up to £350 million from Assembly and energy company money over three years in order to create low carbon economically resilient Welsh communities.
  21. Roll out our new plans for a ‘People’s Bank’ using the Post Office network to rural areas.
  22. Help rural areas respond to new market demands, develop land management techniques and diversify the economic base with the £570 million Wales Rural Development Plan.
  23. Plant 100,000 hectares of new trees over the 20 years from 2012.
  24. Invest £3 million in the Tidy Towns initiative.
  25. Invest £17.4m over the next four years to ensure the Welsh tourism industry benefits from the latest digital technology developments.
  26. Use European investment to sustain and diversify our rural economy.
  27. Provide grants (through Skills Growth Wales), for high level and new technology training that will directly help to bring about growth in turnover, profit and/or employment.
  28. Provide around £3K towards training for each individual for ‘higher end’ training.
  29. Provide a flexible route for 2,000 16-24 year olds (through Pathways to Apprenticeships) to spend up to a year in full time education gaining knowledge and skills.
  30. Provide targeted support (through the Young Recruits Programme) for another 1,000 16-24 year olds across Wales to access quality apprenticeship places, with a £50 per week contribution towards the wage costs of apprentices.
  31. Offer a range of services (through GO Wales) to help students, graduates and businesses with work placements, work experience, funding for training and an online database of jobs.
  32. Analyse (through the Task and Finish Group) our response to youth unemployment, how schemes can be simplified and what gaps there are in provision.
  33. A new £40 a week Better Off in Work Guarantee.
  34. Increase the National Minimum Wage at least in line with average earnings over the period to 2015.
  35. Ensure that everyone is at least £40 a week better off in work than on welfare
  36. Introduce a new ‘Father’s Month’ of paid leave in the first year of a child’s life.
  37. Create a People’s Bank at the Post Office and a Universal Service Obligation on banks to serve every community.
  38. Work through our new Efficiency and Innovation board to ensure that public services inWales are delivering the highest quality services in the most efficient way.
  39. Use new powers in the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2009 to hold local authorities to account on the quality of their services.
  40. Encourage greater participation in the delivery of local council services by ensuring the voluntary sector, business and community groups have a new scrutiny role.
  41. Help 50,000 Welsh workers on the National Minimum Wage.
  42. Continue the increased level of cold weather payments, 161,300 of which were made in Wales this year.
  43. Help 377,000 children in Wales with the increased child element of the child tax credit.
  44. Maintain the Child Trust Fund accounts that have benefitted 179,000 children in Wales, 68,000 of whom have received the additional payment award.
  45. Pioneer Integrated Family Support Teams to work directly with families with complex needs to help safeguard children.
  46. Continue to work to extend the powers of the National Assembly, whether through framework provisions in UK Bills or Legislative Competence Orders.
  47. Maintain a strong and well-funded BBC Wales and S4C, with good Welsh and English language Welsh production budgets.
  48. Ensure a new news service for channel 3.
  49. Continue to invest in Welsh medium education, increasing funding to a range of organisations which are promoting and securing the language.
  50. Legislating in the Assembly to deliver new rights for Welsh speakers in the delivery of services.
  51. Ensure fair funding for Wales.
  52. Work towards a referendum on further powers for the National Assembly and achieve a successful campaign for a “Yes” vote.
  53. Publish the first national standards for what you can expect from your local police. This will include response times; time on the beat, and monthly beat meetings.
  54. Set out much clearer ways for people to know how to complain or seek redress against the police.
  55. Roll out the National Victims’ Service for all victims of crime across England and Wales.
  56. Tackle the problem of domestic abuse and violence against women by providing additional support for victims and challenging attitudes that tolerate violence or abusive behaviour towards women.
  57. Keep the ban on serious drugs.
  58. Maintain the numbers of police in Wales.
  59. Take the so-called ‘legal highs’ like mephedrone out of circulation.
  60. Ensure that people in disadvantaged communities have access to responsible lending through the expansion of the credit union network.
  61. Provide free access to financial advice face to face, over the phone or on line for people across Wales through the Money Made Clear services.
  62. Make sure that school children across Wales learn about money and financial responsibility.
  63. Bring in fairer rules to protect consumers from the credit companies.
  64. Re-establish the link between basic state Pension and earnings from 2012.
  65. Abolish the default retirement age, enabling people to decide for themselves how long they want to keep on working.
  66. Maintain the winter fuel payments this year at £250 for over 60s and £400 for over 80s.
  67. By the end of the next Parliament we will ensure that the right to flexible working is extended to all older people. We will consult on the age at which this right should apply.
  68. End age discrimination in the Welsh NHS.
  69. Help 680,800 people with winter fuel payments benefit.
  70. Help more than 164,030 Welsh pensioners with the Pension Credit.
  71. Encourage local authorities to expand free swimming.
  72. Maintain free bus passes.
  73. Fully fund a new all-Wales service to support armed services personnel experiencing mental health problems.
  74. Ensure the best quality training for our armed services including the state-of-the-art St Athan Technical College.
  75. Keep free prescriptions.
  76. Keep free parking at NHS hospitals in Wales.
  77. Provide every cancer patient with a key worker.
  78. Improve access to GPs’ surgeries.
  79. Encourage healthy lifestyles amongst ouryoung people.
  80. Protect our NHS staff at work.
  81. Keep free school breakfasts.
  82. Ensure more money reaches Welsh schools, teachers and pupils.
  83. Improve collaboration across Wales between schools, colleges and universities.
  84. Ensure key public bodies including the NHS, local councils and Education Authorities never take a decision on how they spend their money without considering whether they are giving everyone an equal chance.
  85. Bind the work of higher education far more closely into businesses and employers.
  86. Eliminate child poverty by 2020.
  87. Secure free, high-quality, targeted childcare.
  88. Provide more places for children to play safely.
  89. Introduce a National Literacy Programme aimed at 7-11 year olds.
  90. Through Coleg Ffederal, expand opportunities for higher education to be delivered through the medium of Welsh.
  91. Hold a referendum on the Alternative Vote for the House of Commons.
  92. Hold a referendum on replacing the House of Lords with a democratic and accountable Second Chamber with a full contingent elected directly from Wales.
  93. Improve citizenship education for young people followed by a free vote in Parliament on reducing the voting age to 16.
  94. Create a Statutory Register of Lobbyists, with MPs banned from working for lobbying companies and required to seek approval for paid outside appointments.
  95. Introduce a right to recall MPs where Parliament has failed to act against proven financial corruption.
  96. Introduce fixed term parliaments and chart a course towards a written constitution.
  97. We will enhance the successful Wales for Africa programme.
  98. As the world’s first Fairtrade nation we will press other nations to adopt Fairtrade policies too.
  99. Fight for the best possible funding from Europe.
  100. Supplement from the UK government the money provided by the European
    Commission to Wales.

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